Why we developed this page?

Due to marginalized backgrounds, multiple barriers in accessing learning opportunities and limited support systems, many children and youth do not believe that they are fundamentally worthy, and have not realised their fullest potentials. They often have fewer chances to develop strong characteristics and acquire essential skills.

This page aims to provide a variety of short learning content which will support children and youth in developing key characteristics and skills needed to transform their lives, successfully achieve their goals, and live happily in this rapidly changing world.

Who can benefit from this page?
> If you are students or anyone who wants to improve yourself, spend a few minutes to check out the learning content based on your areas of interest. The resources are suitable for upper primary/secondary school-age children and youth.

> If you are teachers, parents or caretakers of children/youth, try to apply or adapt these content/techniques into your teaching practices. They could help give you new ideas for supporting your children/youth.