Let’s Play Massage with Daddy
Let’s Play Massage with Daddy is a simple book about how massage can benefit your infant in many wonderful ways. When you touch your newborn baby, you are teaching her/him that she/he is loved and wanted. Gentle touching helps calm a child and make the baby feel safe and secure. It can stimulate the development of a child’s brain and body. Talk with your child as you gently stroke her/his arms, legs, back, belly, feet, toes and fingers. Tell them “I am massaging my sweetie’s ten little fingers now – one, two, three…” Look into your baby’s eyes and tell them how much they are loved – and listen to the stories they like to tell you with their eyes and sweet sounds.
Conditions of Useเงื่อนไขในการใช้งานConditions of Use
This book is authorized for use for educational purpose only. Modification of contents and illustrations prior to granted permission is not allowed.
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